The examination is held in English.

The examination is oral and consists of 3 sections of 30 minutes. There will be a period of 1 hour where the candidate will have the opportunity to review a published paper selected by the panel of examiners.
Each section is run by 2 examiners working in pairs.

The sections are as follows :

Section 1: Discussion of a paper. The aim of this test is to assess the candidate’s ability to interpret published data, to evaluate their relevance, and to integrate them into clinical practice as appropriate.

Section 2: Clinical case discussion. During this discussion, the examiners will evaluate the candidate’s clinical judgement, his ability to chose the appropriate treatment and to manage complications. The basis for discussion will be a clinical case which is illustrated with medical imaging, endoscopy, function tests and other as appropriate.

Section 3: Oral examination. This part assesses knowledge in basic and clinical science, accuracy of patient selection and peri-operative management.