Eligibility (A –Regulation)

Article 1

Candidates, having trained outside of European member states (with the exception of Switzerland and Norway, and countries with UEMS observer status .These candidates should apply for the regular EBTS examination), applying for the International Fellowship of EBTS, should meet requirements for certification and practice in thoracic surgery in their country of training.

Applicants should have obtained the certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) in thoracic surgery by the national body responsible for issuing such certificate. Applicants should have obtained a working permit in thoracic surgery in their country of training or practice.

Article 2

UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification recognizes knowledge, skills and competence in Thoracic Surgery. However, UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification is not a working permit in European countries. UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification is as a label for a high quality standard of training and competence.

Article 3

This UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification can only recognize Thoracic Surgery. It can be obtained by candidates who include other areas of surgery within their overall practice (for example general, cardiac, and/or vascular surgery) if they fulfil all criteria of eligibility and successfully pass the examination.

EBTS cannot recognize competence outside of Thoracic Surgery.

Article 4

Candidates from non European Union member states (and Switzerland and Norway candidates, and those coming from countries with observer status) can only apply for UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification if they have validated the National Medical Doctor Diploma, have completed training in thoracic surgery recognized as such by their responsible National organisation i.e. by obtaining the national certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) in Thoracic Surgery, and are thus fully trained specialists allowed to practice thoracic surgery in their country.

In case a non-European country should consider the UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification as the National examination of conclusion of training, the training period and content of training should match with the official requirements in the country of training.

Article 5

Candidates from non-European countries where Thoracic Surgery is not an independent specialty will be evaluated on an individual basis, provided that they fulfil all other requirements (e.g. numbers and type of operations performed during their training, knowledge of diseases, level of skills and professional attitudes).

In non- EU member state countries where Thoracic Surgery is not independent from Cardiac Surgery, UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification will only evaluate knowledge, skills and competence in Thoracic Surgery.

Article 6

Overall length of training for candidates to the UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification, as well as content of training is set by the official curriculum applying to the country of training.  Any exposure to other specialties during training is encouraged, and should be certified by the director of the training program. The training is defined as the period between the start of the training and the date the CCST certificate has been issued.

Article 7

The applicant should have performed and provide proof of at least 100 thoracic operations as the operating surgeon, including both open and video-assisted procedures during the official training period as defined above . In addition, he/she should have a significant experience with diagnostic procedures such as mediastinoscopy, bronchoscopy and/or esophagoscopy. This cumulative operative experience should be acquired during the training period.

Article 8

A jury composed of European experts will judge knowledge, skills and attitudes in thoracic surgery, encompassing also related areas such as thoracic surgical and radiological anatomy, pathology, respiratory physiology and function testing, thoracic endoscopy, thoracic imaging and other diagnostic procedures.  The level of competence is expected to be similar to the requirements of European trainees.  The prerequisites correspond to the mandatory modules of the UEMS EBTS syllabus for thoracic surgery (see PDF syllabus)

Article 9

Candidates should demonstrate competence in patient selection, pre-, intra- and post-operative care, and management of complications. Techniques such as non-invasive ventilation, tracheal intubation and tracheostomy, central venous catheterization, are mandatory (cf European syllabus). .

Article 10

Candidates should demonstrate research interest, materialized by at least 3 written publications or presentations in Thoracic Surgery. Process of recognition (A-regulation)

Article 11

Candidates to the UEMS-EBTS international fellowship certification must submit an application file containing the documents listed below. All documents that are not in English should be doubled with an officially stamped and signed translation made by a sworn-in translator. Files will be submitted to a peer review to decide whether the candidate fulfils criteria to be eligible for EBTS international fellowship examination.