1. Eligibility criteria
    • National Diploma of Specialist in thoracic surgery or Cardiothoracic surgery, or a diploma allowing to practice thoracic surgery in Belgium and Luxembourg.
    • Official authorization for practice of thoracic surgery, in a UEMS member state (and Switzerland or Norway, and countries with observer status)
    • At least 10 years of experience in independent practice of thoracic surgery
    • Regular practice of thoracic surgery with a minimum of 100 thoracic operations of an acceptable mixture  per year as first surgeon.
    • Engaged in a life-long-learning process and to have participated at least once a year in a National or European conference in Thoracic Surgery, or have participated in at least 1 educational event organized by an European Society.
  2. Window for applications
    • Period for applications is limited to 2 years, starting 1St of January, 2017, in order to avoid bypassing EBTS examination
  3. Fee
    • The application fee is set at 800 €.
  4. Publications
    • A minimal scientific interest should be materialized by at least 5 publications or presentations as first, second or last author
  5. EBTS being a labelling of professional practice, the following criteria are considered non essential, but represent an added value:
    • university affiliation
    • active clinical, translational or fundamental research
    • organisation of scientific or educational events
    • participation in a national or European database
    • implication in scientific or professional societies/organizations
  6. The application form should include the following:
    • Motivation letter highlighting professional achievements
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of National Diploma & working permit
    • Full updated CV
    • 2 recommendation letters by board-certified peers
    • Attestation by both the General Director of the Hospital and the Head of Department to prove 10 years of autonomous practice
    • List of operations for the past 3 years, certified by the General Director of the Hospital and Head of Department
    • Certificates of attendance to conferences and educational events for the past 5 years.
    • Application fee of 800 € (files will not be processed if proof of payment from bank account is missing)
    • All documents must be accompanied by a translation into English by a sworn-in translator an officially signed and stamped.
  7. Certification process

    The file will be submitted to a peer review process by a jury of peers after payment of the application fee.

    Unsuccessful candidates will be refunded 400 € ; the remaining amount covers administrative cost.