Candidates must submit an application file containing the documents listed  below.
All documents which are not in English should be doubled with an officially stamped and signed translation by a sworn in translator. Files will be submitted to a peer review to decide whether the candidate fulfils criteria to be eligible for EBTS examination.
Files will not be considered for peer review if incomplete, or if the application fee has not been paid in due time before the deadline.

All the following items should be included:

  • A completed UEMS/EBTS application form
  • Identity
    • Copy of passport
    • A recent photograph
  • Professional qualification
    • Copy of national medical diploma
    • Copy of licence to practice medicine
    • Copy of national specialist diploma or CCST ( certificate of completion of training)
  • Short curriculum vitae
  • Training curriculum
    • Detailed list of rotations with precise dates during the whole training, signed by the Director /coordinator of the Training program
    • Detailed list of positions held as junior staff member or full consultant countersigned by heads of concerned departments
    • Precise and exhaustive logbook of operations performed during the training period, indicating separately which have been performed as operating surgeon or as assistant, certified by the Director/coordinator of Training Program
    • Detailed list of operations performed after completion of training as junior staff or full consultant, certified by the Director/coordinator     of concerned departments
    • List of courses and meetings attended
  • Scientific credential
    • List of publications and presentations
    • For publications, please attach PDF file
    • For presentations, please provide a copy of the printed programCertificate of Master’s degree in Science or PhD when existing, but optional
  • Candidates are free to attach recommendation letters of their mentors.