The aim of EBTS examination is to label a harmonized European standard for knowledge and skills for General Thoracic Surgeons. EBTS certification should be recognized across European Union, but which should also serve as quality label in countries outside of European Union. In the given legal context, EBTS certification cannot replace the National specialist diploma, and cannot serve as a working permit.

Whereas the Board wishes to set standards at the highest possible level, it is not the intention to limit EBTS certification to a minority. On the contrary, the goal is to check whether recently appointed young colleagues fulfil the requirements of knowledge, skills and competence considered as appropriate for autonomous practice throughout Europe.

Candidates are expected to have a good knowledge of thoracic anatomy and physiology and of the different diseases to be addressed in clinical practice. They should prove skills in standard thoracic surgical procedures and show competence in patient selection, interpretation of pulmonary and cardiac function testing and thoracic imaging. Competence should also cover peri-operative care and appropriate management of complications.

To make it easy for both examiners and candidates, the examination will be organized concurrently with a European conference.